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Selling from Stage Self Study
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Selling from Stage Self Study

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For decades I have been training speakers to teach, influence, and sell from stage. Because of demand (no real desire on my part), I built a speaker training program. The program includes: 

  • 13 Hours of Video. 
  • 3 workbooks for Selling
  • 4 hours of straight selling skills. 
  • 3 hours of audio selling skills. 
  • 2 hours, 101 Closing techniques on video, audio and workbook.
  • check
    13 Major steps (Commandments) of a Great Sales & Educational program.
    check Build Rapport in minutes using anchors, stories, language, and personal values.
    check Create subconscious agreement with questions, statements, and directive actions.
    check Completely destroy objections, long before they become a problem.
    check Instill Trust, Respect and Compliance with 3 proven techniques.
    check 12 PLUS Closing techniques sure to put on the path to A MILLION DOLLARS.
    check Scripted stories you can use tomorrow in your presentations.
    check How to motivate anyone to ACTION in minutes, by understanding their VALUES.
    check 25 Language Patterns that compel the sale, and lead people to BUY.
    check The BELL technique, that links education to selling. Unseen, indirect selling. AND Works.
    check To use props, stage anchors, bonuses, and sequence to drive sales to the tables.