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Selling from Stage-- Mentorship (AU ONLY) 10k-- Minneapolis group only
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Selling from Stage-- Mentorship (AU ONLY) 10k-- Minneapolis group only

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2.5 Days of reviewing you and your team live.  Usually leave the afternoon of the 3rd day. Some notes: 

  • I try not to influence at the event, when I am there. Need to see the regular 2or 3 day event.  
  • I look after my own hotel, meals, travel, and airfare expense. Not your cost (included in the 10k). 
  • Detailed report focusing on key areas: Speaker skills, Product, Curriculum, Offer and Process. This is usually broken up into 2 sections. Major Improvement, Minor Improvements. 
  • Follow up coaching sessions as needed. At least 1 detailed phone coaching session (review of majors and minors).
  • Access to Jim for 1 year (phone, emails and text). There is actually no timeframe. I have not changed email or phone for 15 years. :) 
  • Review of curriculum. Not content (although I will comment), but the sale process included with curriculum. 
  • Review of sales staff, and consultations, sales materials., flyers, handouts, price list. 
  • USB for sales staff. Includes the Sales Code (selling information). 
  • Review of the offer(s). Package, pricing, and value. If I can add additional value I will (a contact, vendor, bonus, etc) 
  • Access to sales and speaker web site. Members only. 3 new tactics and strategies each week. 
  • Sales and Speaker training Self Study. . 17 plus hours of sales and speaker training. 13 critical strategies. 101 closing techniques. Social styles and more. 

PS: For AU clients Only. I am honoring the 10k price, and allowing you to send a few hours video to me. SO, I can review some of your materials before, i get there. Just to help get you on the right track.