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Sales Code System
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Sales Code System

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I know what it takes to sell. I know how to teach others that skill. Often doubling their results in a few short hours. In my materials you will learn:
  • 13 Major steps (Commandments) of a Great Sales Professionals
  • Build Rapport in minutes using anchors, stories, language, and personal values.
  • Create subconscious agreement with questions, statements, and directive actions. You might want to write that one down? :)
  • Completely destroy objections, long before they become a problem.
  • Instill Trust, Respect and Compliance with 3 proven techniques.
  • 12 PLUS Closing techniques sure to put on the path to A MILLION DOLLARS.
  • Scripted stories you can use tomorrow in your presentations.
  • How to motivate anyone to ACTION in minutes, by understanding their VALUES.
  • 25 Language Patterns that compel the sale, and lead people to BUY
  • The BELL technique, that links education to selling. Unseen, indirect selling. That Works.
  • To use props, stage anchors, bonuses, and sequence to drive sales to the tables.

As a Bonus for taking action right now. Before Friday Midnight. I am going to include my GicMa Cards for FREE. 54 selling and influence lessons. 

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