Sales Code Newsletter-Weekly Sales Tips & Ideas. Only $ 97 a year.

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Many of my speaker friends, family and clients, NEED regular stimulation of concepts and reminders of sales ideas. SO I created the Sales Code Weekly Newsletter. Weekly you can master these skills over time:

  • Rapport building in a few seconds, using words, VAK and personal values. 
  • Dozens of closing skills. One language pattern is worth the $ 97 bucks, BUY the WAY. 
  • Hypnotic Language patterns, sure to get you to YES. Isn't that something you are interested in? 
  • Personal Motivation to KEEP going and SELLING like a machine. 
  • Scripts for Objections, like Time, Money and FEAR. 
  • How to build presentations, and pitches. 

MORE. power point presentations, language, tools, cheats, and checklists.