SALE TODAY!!! Selling from Stage Self Study-Jim Francis. WOW. The best of the best. 18 plus hours of education on: Selling, Influence, Closing, and Platform Sales!

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For decades I have been training speakers to teach, influence, and sell from stage. Because of demand (no real desire on my part), I built a speaker training program. The program includes: 

  • 13 Hours of Video. 
  • 3 workbooks for Selling
    • Sales Strategy book. 
    • 30 applications guilde. 
    • Speaker training (80 plus strategies). 
  • 4 hours of straight selling skills. 
    • 4 Social styles and their motivations.
    • General influence and leverage strategies. 
    • 15 solid closing skills. 
  • 3 hours of audio selling skills. 
Bonus if you ACT before Friday midnight. And right now $ 997 was 2k last week. 
  • GicMa Playing Cards. 54 powerful strategies and language patterns. Learn the 4 major social styles and how to motivate them. As well as, 30 plus powerful (hypnotic) language patterns. I wonder, how much you will love them, and how much they will make you? 
  • $10,000 Plan. Ok. this is hot of the press. Literally July 2018. Folks have paid me 5-10k just to help them design a 90 minute preview, or 3 day selling curriculum. In the 22 page guide. I give you the steps. The winning sequence to sell a 50-2000 product in less than 2 hours. And the curriculum design, I have used for 20 years, to earn $ 50k to 1.2 Million in 3 days. It is simple effective and you can start using it today. 
  • Cheats. Ok this is for my son, Mike, who says all the time, when playing games on line. Get the Cheats. So I created some. How to deal with he 4 Major objections, every one gets. 300 useful selling quotes about choice, decision, path, success, achievement, failures). Handouts you can use for goal setting and coaching folks to success. MY 3 sales scripts for coaching, folks during a workshops. Meant to sell people with: 1. No Money. Some Money and a Lot of Money. They work like a charm. Plus more. 
  • Members ONLY web site. Each will a put 3 new selling, NLP, speaker, closing, hypnotic language patterns, steps, check lists or concepts on to paper for you to consider. If I test a new close (like the GYM close), i lay it out for you with the SCRIPT. So you can duplicate. On the site are 300 plus strategies right now. More each week. 
  • 101 Closes. Literally a video and audio of 101 closing statements and techniques with a written copy of the Power Point presentation. 
  • 70 Plus Seminar Tips. Check lists for getting started. Closes. Objections. Problem areas, and how to deal with them. Body language. Anchoring. NLP strategies. Language patterns. Kind of quick start guide to important topics and areas. 

Here is a partial list of the topics covered in the Speaker Training.

  • check
    13 Major steps (Commandments) of a Great Sales & Educational program.
    check Build Rapport in minutes using anchors, stories, language, and personal values.
    check Create subconscious agreement with questions, statements, and directive actions.
    check Completely destroy objections, long before they become a problem.
    check Instill Trust, Respect and Compliance with 3 proven techniques.
    check 12 PLUS Closing techniques sure to put on the path to A MILLION DOLLARS.
    check Scripted stories you can use tomorrow in your presentations.
    check How to motivate anyone to ACTION in minutes, by understanding their VALUES.
    check 25 Language Patterns that compel the sale, and lead people to BUY.
    check The BELL technique, that links education to selling. Unseen, indirect selling. AND Works.
    check To use props, stage anchors, bonuses, and sequence to drive sales to the tables.