Learn How to TRADE. 7 Hours on line, ONLY $ 97 PLUS--$500 of Bonus STUFF!

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A few Facebook friends, and students of my Credit Spread Course, have asked about TRADING. Directional trades, either for the day, a few days or weeks. Therefore, I did a 1 day (7 hours), of trading. ZOOM training (on line). Now it is available ONLINE (recording)

You will learn: 

  • Choices beside Mutual Funds, and blind investing. 
  • System Trading that can earn 18-30 percent per year. OR greater. 
  • How to trade based on technical and candle stick patterns. 
  • Risk and Reward evaluations. 
  • High probability trading. 
  • Using Options for leverage and better ROI. 
  • The best 6 weeks to trade each and every year. 
  • Seasonal patterns, that make you money. 
  • Protection of your nest egg. 
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Cash Flow. 

This is a GREAT one day. Newly created. Current in this MARKET. Make a small fortune by learning how to trade. Plus these GREAT Bonus Items:

  • ATM. The Options Cash Machine. $ 97 Value
  • 147 Money Making Ideas. $ 97 Value
  • 40 Plus Credit Enhancement and Repair Strategies. $ 97 Value
  • 70 Candlestick Patterns that Make MONEY.  $ 49 Value
  • Technical Trading Manual.  $ 97 Value

Don't wait. This deal will not be around for long. You could miss out on the upcoming Rebound or Crash. 

PS: You can watch as many times as you like too. There is a companion, PDF with handouts, and checklists.