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GicMa Cards- Teach you the skill of Influence
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GicMa Cards- Teach you the skill of Influence

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54 playing cards, sure to teach you the game of selling. A normal 52 card deck and 2 jokers.  

These cards teach:

  • The 4 Social Personality types. 
  • What they values are how to sell to the more effectively. 
  • Their hidden desire. 
  • Words and phrases they love, and must have to buy. 
  • Closes that work with each personality type. 
  • 30 plus hypnotic language patterns, that influence at a conscious and sub-conscious level often compelling the YES. 

They are pretty easy to use. You can review the whole deck, or take one card per week and focus on that cared. Therefore over a year you become a master sales person. 

YOU  will learn subtle questions, and statements, that influence at a subconscious level. In may cases the client saying "yes" in their head. I wonder, if you understand, how powerful those kinds of phrases, can be? They can over time Double Your Sales Results in less than 30 days.  

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