TODAY ONLY $ 14,997. Credit Spread Mentorship. Best money you will ever spend. 2 PEOPLE ONLY.

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Spend 2 days with Jim Francis (in your city). Actually trade 2 years of trading in less than 2 days. See real potential trades. PLUS have Jim for a 1 year support  In the 2 day live Mentorship with JIM,  you will learn how to:

  • Trade Spreads with confidence. 
  • Use candlesticks and chart to know market direction. 
  • Protect your account. 
  • Make adjustment. Normally, spreads win 9 out 10 times. But if you know how to make an adjustment, you turn a loser into a winning trade. 3 hours on this subject at mentorship. And practice. 
  • Right now 2022 Earning  6-8 percent per month. Winning 9/10 times over time. 
  • Manage your long term growth. Use what I call the 45/45/10 approach. 
  • 1 year of support. Actually I have said that since, Jan 2012. I have not changed the password, to the members only site, or my personal phone number. So I have your back. 
  • Monthly Members only web site. See my trades each month for spreads. 
  • Spot trades, as I make them. The christmas trade. A flag trade and more. 

I can do this via ZOOM and break it up. But Best done live and in person. 2 day quick start gets you on the path to wealth quickly.