Credit Spread Coaching Program. 8-45 min coaching sessions- $ 1997

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This is a hands on one on one ZOOM coaching program. Each session stress actual trading, not education. Certainly we will review concepts and ideas. But we assume you have gone through the SELF study videos Therefore each session is about application of the strategy.

Session 1:Getting started. Accounts. Orientation. Practice trades. Review of your account. Option approvals. Manage account. Understanding the basics of Vertical Spread trading.

 Session 2:Understanding directional options. How to trade Calls and Puts. U will be trading I will be a watching. Single options. Vertical Spreads. How to take positions.

Session 3:Credit Spreads. Back testing. Proof and works. And practice taking positions. We will take several practice trades together. Looking at positions and taking the best, safest position with good income.

Session 4:Contingencies. Practice of contingencies.

Session 5: Adjustments. An introduction to adjustments. And Directional options.

Session 6:Vertical Spread trades and Covered Calls. Practice of Covered calls. Picking good stocks.

Session 7:Charting, Candles sticks. Trading choices. 

Session 8:Directional trades. 55 or 20/5. or directional options. 

The Majority of these coaching sessions are practice sessions for you to trade and learn the system.

We will talk about how to:

  • Picking a Great Stock. With various systems. To grow accounts with Covered Calls.
  • Use the Right Math for  Investing. Reward, Risk and Probability. 
  • Passively trade. (one hour a month). Make 6-8 Percent OR MORE per month, week or day. 
  • Use Moving averages like 10/30 to see direction for the month.
  • Protect your accounts, and retirement from the coming CRASH.
  • Predict up and down days. Before they happen. So, you know what direction the market is going. 
  • Options and how they work. Leverage your trading. GET 10 times the buying power, or do it 10X cheaper. 
  • The difference between single and vertical options.
  • Simple growth strategy that can earn 18%, 28% a year. With less than 20 mins once a month. 
  • Picking a Broker and practice trading to get started. What to look for and where. 
  • Charting and candle stick Patterns

Lots Theory, and Strategies, BUT more importantly, how to apply them in todays market. This is about you trading. With hands on support.