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Asset Protection Kit
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Asset Protection Kit

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Your Asset Protection Kit includes:

Tools and support to get your asset plan done, or started. The asset protection tools can be used to: start a business, protect your assets, build a land trust, protect real estate, or complete a complex asset plan. There are 7 key areas of the kit:

1.     Asset Protection Bible: An educational manual, that explains the different elements of an asset plan. Including 20 plus case studies, demonstrating effective ways to protect yourself and your family. You will find plans for:

a.     Real Estate Investors. Married or single. Multiple properties or one.

b.     Stock Traders or Tax lien investors. Insulate your investments.

c.      Small Business and Professional Services (example doctors).

2.     Webinars. Regular webinars, that teach specific topics.

3.     Hotline Support Monday-Friday 9-6pm Mountain time.

4.     3 Day Asset Summit. Spend time with professional asset protection folks.

5.     Training DVD: Learn about the various elements of a Bullet Proof plan.

6.     Record Keeping: Building your own plan and record keeping.

7.     Contract Software: All the forms to build a business or asset protection plan.