Concierge Asset Protection by Bill Bronchick. Today ONLY $ 3497.00.

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Wow what a great package! You will receive:

  • Two 1 hour strategy consultations  (before and after). Value at over $1000
  • Set up master family limited partnership (folks have paid over 5k)
  • Form unlimited sub-LLC's
  • Create unlimited Land Trusts (about $ 500-1000 each on average)
  • Good for five Years. 
  • Customer pays the state filing fees for entities and county deed fees. 

 Not only that if you do Jim's Stock Mentorship. This service is Included.

Here’s a partial topic list of what you will learn from my Bulletproof Asset Protection Package, the knowledge of which you will gain of each
subject can pay you back many times the cost of the package:

  • How to setup and use corporate entities to slash your taxes by thousands
  • How to use trusts for asset protection and enjoy MASSIVE tax savings
  • How to use tax laws and legal loopholes to maximize your wealth building
  • How to avoid real estate “dealer” status… falling into this trap can cost you thousands in IRS penalties
  • How to create tax–free medical and dental plans and save thousands each year
  • How to hire family members and enjoy lucrative tax deductions
  • How to save hundreds of thousand dollars in estate taxes (you earned it, why give it away to the government?)
  • How to create “Fort Knox” protection for all your assets
  • How to save thousands of dollars with aggressive tax strategies backed up by a “bullet–proof” paper trail
  • How to get rich and stay rich, but appear “broke” to most people • How to protect yourself from financial ruin if you’re ever divorced
  • How to protect real estate and other assets from liens and legally make yourself judgment–proof!

In addition… you’ll also be discovering:

  • How to incorporate in any state without a lawyer, saving time and money
  • How to use Nevada corporations (and when not to)
  • How to choose between “S” or “C” corporations – you will finally learn the key differences in a simple and understandable format
  • How to create a paper trail to come out on top during a lawsuit or IRS audit
  • How to avoid the “fraudulent conveyance” trap – violate this one and you could end up in jail!
  • How to legitimately deduct “non–deductible” living and vacation expenses
  • How to get more cash out of your corporation with the smallest tax bite
  • Five ways to prevent your corporation from being “pierced” in a lawsuit
  • How to create a positive and professional image for a “one–man” corporation
  • How to convert your existing business to a protected corporate entity
  • How to convert your existing "disregarded" LLC into an S-corp LLC
  • How to create and use Limited Liability Companies to legally keep your assets away from abusive creditors, an ex–spouse, or the IRS
  • How to use Family Limited Partnerships for maximum asset protection and to transfer wealth with minimum estate tax
  • How to use multiple LLCs to protect your real estate holdings without the burden of additional tax reporting
  • How to keep your name off public records when buying and selling real estate to avoid looking like a “deep pocket”
  • How to use personal property trusts to keep bank accounts, automobiles and other personal property out of your name and invisible to prying eyes
  • How to “bulletproof” your wealth and avoid getting sued in all areas of your business and personal life

Act Now and Save THOUSANDS of DOLLARS! 

Lawyers who understand these concepts (and believe me, friend, there are only a few), charge their clients in the TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for the kind of protection I reveal in this Bulletproof Asset Protection Home Study Package. When you order now, you will invest just $3,497 (tax–deductible for most of you) to get all the strategies and techniques you need to plan and protect your financial future. Special pricing TODAY!